Yazd Traditional Hotel is an old house located in the heart of Yazd's historical city adjoining the Amirchakhmaq complex and Yazd's traditional bazaar. The end date of its construction is 1212 AH according to the inscriptions in the house. There are 3 large and small courtyards, 4 entrances, aqueducts, cool and quiet basements, tall windcatchers and pleasant halls as the home's symbols of originality. It is now renovated as a 3-star hotel and has 24 rooms with various capacities.


    Yazd Traditional Hotel Address

    Salman St., Amir Chakhmagh Sq., Yazd
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    Nearby Places

    • Distance to the airport · 23 min by car
    • Distance to the train station · 11 min by car
    • Distance to the passenger terminal · 15 min by car
    • Distance to Zoroastrian Fire Temple · 6 min by car
    • Distance to water storage of six windward · 2 min by car
    • Distance to Jameh Mosque of Yazd · 4 min by car
    • Distance to Khan Bazaar · 2 min by car
    • Distance to Ziaeiyeh School (Eskandar Prison) · 6 min by car
    • Distance to Dolatabad Garden · 8 min by car
    • Distance to Lariha House · 5 min by car
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    • Check in: 2 PM
    • Check Out: 12 PM
    • Having passport for foreign guests is obligatory.
    • Canceling cost is equal to the price of the first night according to the hotel rules.
    • Children under 5 will not be charged.

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    Overall Total Rates: 3

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    Air conditioning

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    Airport transportation

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    Refrigerator in room

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