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Rajaie Heart Hospital, Hashemi Rafsanjani Highway, Valiasr St., Tehran, Iran
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Having passport for foreign guests is obligatory.
Canceling cost is equal to the first night according to the hotel rules.
Check out: 12 pm
Children under 5 will not be charged.
Check in : 2 pm

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Ghalb Hotel Tehran

Ghalb Hotel Tehran, also known as the Heart Hotel, is a hospital hotel situated near the Rajaee Heart Hospital in district 3 of Tehran. This 4-star medical hotel has the finest amenities and facilities in medical care for its guests and patients.

Ghalb Hotel Tehran

About Ghalb Hotel Tehran

This patient hotel was established in 2015 covering an area of 7,500 square meters consisting of 5 floors and 72 well-equipped rooms and suites. One of the top medical hotels in the Middle East for patients with cardiovascular disease and heart conditions.

Location of Ghalb Hotel Tehran

Ghalb Hotel Tehran has a prime location, it is built next to the Rajaee Hospital, in the vicinity of Mellat Park at the intersection of Valiasr Street and Hashemi Rafsanjani (Niayesh) Highway. This hospital hotel is a short distance from many significant locations including Pardis Mellat Cinema, the International Exhibition of Tehran, Islamic Republic Broadcasting, Noor Eye Hospital, Vanak Square, and Paytakht Computer Center. Moreover, some of the capital’s major malls are nearby known as the Palladium Mall, Arg Mall, and Tandis Mall. A taxi stand and BRT (bus rapid transit) stations are nearby for easy access to different parts of the city.

Facilities of Ghalb Hotel Tehran

Ghalb Hotel in Tehran has spacious rooms and suites with the foremost services and facilities. One advantage this hotel has is that it is sited next to the Rajaee Cardiovascular, Medical, and Research Center. Guests can hospitalize their friends and family at this place and have great service. Occasionally, the hospital beds get full and patient admission will be stopped, the hotel is available to accommodate patients with premier medical services. In addition, some of these rooms are monitored by doctors to check the patients' exact health conditions. The rooms and suites of the Ghalb Hotel are commodious and deluxe with a beautiful view. These accommodations are Double room, Triple room, Double suite, and Special suite. Ghalb Hotel Tehran’s accommodations are equipped with modern and advanced medical equipment which is available in a hospital for emergency conditions, and they are sterilized and disinfected every day by the room service to avoid infections. These rooms are designed for patients who require special treatment and have a very convenient environment. This remarkable medical hotel is also famous for its halls and venues. It consists of three modern multipurpose halls with the best facilities and the required layout. They are an excellent choice for seminars, meetings, and conferences. Typically, doctors, physicians, and surgeons use these halls for seminars. In addition to the amenities mentioned above, the Ghalb Hotel also includes a unique restaurant and cafe. Guests can enjoy Iranian and traditional food at the restaurant along with fast food, desserts, and drinks. The cafe offers delectable cakes and hot drinks in a very delightful atmosphere.

HotelOneClick highly recommends Ghalb Hotel Tehran for people requiring medical care. One of the best hospital hotels in the Middle East.

Why Ghalb Hotel Tehran?

Due to the top services provided, Ghalb Hotel Tehran can be an ideal choice for accommodation. Patients or people who require special treatments can benefit from this place. As Rajaee Hospital is one of the finest heart hospitals in the Middle East and has the best doctors, people from around the world travel to Tehran and visit this top-notch hospital for treatment. These guests require a very convenient place for their stay and Ghalb Hotel can be a perfect choice. A quiet relaxing environment for travelers to enjoy.

For whom is the Ghalb Hotel Tehran suitable?

This Patient hotel is appropriate for patients, doctors, physicians, and surgeons. It is suitable for them due to the special services and provisions. Patients can receive complete comfort, doctors can visit these patients inside their rooms. Ghalb Hotel Tehran is an astonishing hospital hotel. The magnificent hotel can also be used by people who have their patients hospitalized in Rajaee Hospital or Noor Eye Hospital and would like to be by their side as a companion, visiting them every day.

Rooms and Suites of Ghalb Hotel Tehran

Ghalb Hotel Tehran has various commodious rooms and suites to offer. Guests and visitors can select their desired accommodation according to their style and the number of people. These accommodations are double rooms, triple rooms, double suites, and special suites. All of them are well-equipped with the finest medical devices and first aid kits. Also, guests can enjoy a striking cityscape view of Tehran.

Double Room

Double rooms include a double bed with a sitting area. A spacious bathroom with all the toiletries along with equipment for the handicapped or disabled.

Ghalb Hotel Tehran Double Room

Triple Room

Triple rooms are similar to double rooms with the ability to accommodate an extra guest. The sitting area includes a large sofa bed with a TV and a delightful terrace.

Double Suite

The double suite of Ghalb Hotel has a small kitchen with a cozy sitting area and a comfortable double bed. This room can accommodate an extra guest and upon request, a large mattress will be provided on the ground for resting.

Special Suite

The special suite is the best accommodation to stay in while staying at the Ghalb Hotel Tehran. Beautifully designed consisting of a sitting area with an LCD TV and a convenient sofa bed. The suite has a double bed and for an extra guest, a mattress will be provided by the hotel. The bathrooms of these suites are spacious and equipped with the highest international standards. Guests can enjoy a spectacular view of Tehran from the wide terrace.

Other than the facilities mentioned above the Ghalb Hotel rooms and suites also includes these:

  • TV with satellite
  • Internet
  • Healing/Cooling system
  • Minibar
  • Teamaker
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Hairdryer
  • Vanity desk

These accommodations are suggested by HotelOneClick to the patients and visitors using the Rajaee Hospital and Noor Eye Hospital.

Restaurant and Café of Ghalb Hotel Tehran

Ghasr Hotel Tehran has a delightful restaurant and cafe with a variety of dishes, cakes, hot and cold drinks, appetizers, and side dishes served. A very convenient place to enjoy a meal. These are located in the hotel lobby and people can enjoy delectable food with great hospitality. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast involves an omelet, sausage, fried egg, boiled egg, jam, honey, beans, dates, cream, ham, milk, butter, cheese, fresh fruits and juice, coffee, tea, Persian bread, and French bread. It is pleasing to have a wide range of food to enjoy. Also, Iranian food and fast food are available for guests to have. The cafe offers the most delectable hot drinks and cakes. Small gatherings and business talks can be arranged at this cafe.

Halls and venues of Ghalb Hotel Tehran

Ghalb Hotel is well known for its conference halls and amphitheater. Many people reserve and use these venues for their seminars and other events. The halls of this hotel are Sharian hall, Mitral hall, and Ahmadi Nia hall and are of the world's premier standards.

Ahmadi Nia Hall

A massive amphitheater with an area of 640 square meters, is situated on the ground floor. It can hold up to 430 people, mostly used by doctors and surgeons for seminars. Also, it has been reserved for conferences and congresses. This outstanding hall has many facilities including video projectors, wireless microphones, LED TV, internet access, a filming facility, lighting fixtures, and a control room. A wide platform is located in front of the seats as a stage.

Ghalb Hotel Tehran Ahmadi Nia Convention Center

Sherian Hall

A deluxe hall with the capacity of arranging various layouts, which can accommodate up to 110 guests. It has an area of 250 square meters located on the first floor of Ghalb Hotel Tehran. Usually used for seminars and meetings, but it can also be used for conferences, classrooms, and banquets. Sherian hall has the possibility of serving food, filming, and flower decoration. A video projector, a whiteboard, TVs, and wireless microphones are available for use.

Mitral Hall

An excellent 250-square-metered hall with the best sound and multimedia system along with wireless microphones perfect for presentations. It can accommodate up to 230 people with different layouts for arrangement. Mitral hall is located on the ground floor, suitable for conferences, seminars, classrooms, banquets, meetings, and other private events. This hall has many facilities including flower decoration, a whiteboard, a video projector, and a filming service.

All of these superb halls, with the highest standards, are ready to serve the guests. HotelOneClick particularly recommends these halls for your events and ceremonies.