In this article, we will introduce 8 tourist attractions near Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran.

Of course, anyone who enters another country as a tourist tends to make the best use of his time and see all the tourist areas of that city.

The hotel that the tourists stay at is one of the highlights of having a good trip. Booking Tehran Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel, one of the best and most equipped hotels in Tehran, will be an unforgettable memory.

Since Parsian Esteghlal Hotel is located in the northwest of Tehran, we tried to introduce you to the areas that have the least distance to this hotel. Because the city of Tehran has heavy traffic most of the day, identifying places near the hotel where you reside can be very helpful and effective.

The areas you will see in this article are some of the most fascinating sights in Tehran. Those of you who are staying at Tehran's Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel can easily access these areas and enjoy happy hours.

Be with HotelOneClick for getting useful tourist information about the sightseeing near the Esteghlal Hotel.

 recreational places near Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran - HotelOneClick
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1. Darband 

Tehran Darband is located in the old village of Shemiran, 1700 meters above sea level. Many climbers go from there to the central Alborz Mountains and Tochal Peak each year. The old neighborhoods of Tehran's Darband can be mentioned as Morgh Mahaleh, Kenar Mahaleh, kalagh Par and Sarband.

Crossing the Darband River through the villages of this area has given it a double beauty. Other attractions in the Tehran Darband can be the Abshar valley, Ab Shir Valley, Imamzadeh Ebrahim, Osun Valley, and Kak Valley.

Most of Tehran's Darband places, such as restaurants and recreational areas, are ready to serve customers from the early hours of the morning until midnight.

To be filled with breathless excitement, head to Tehran's sled. This sled was opened in 2013 in full compliance with the standards. Each sled has a capacity of two and its speed can be controlled by the passenger.

Darband  , one of the recreational places near parsian esteghlal Hotel  in Tehran - HotelOneClick
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Watching the beautiful landscapes of the Darband on the sled has greatly increased the fun of using it. The peak of excitement can be experienced in the sudden decrease in height and 360 degrees’ rotation of the sled.

The Chairlift was used about 40 years ago in the Darband area of Tehran for the passing of climbers and the villagers between the highlands. After a while, it became commonplace for tourists. Unfortunately, this Chairlift is now unusable due to non-compliance with current standards.

If you plan to have dinner with your friends or family, don't forget Tehran Darband. Anyone can enjoy memorable hours in traditional or modern restaurants of Darband with any taste. You can also have colorful junk food and enjoy cafes all over the Darband route and have an excellent night into your memories.

Access to the Darband

Go to Tajrish Station using the Rah Ahan - Tajrish buses. Take the taxi near the station and head to Sarband Square. If you have a private car, there is a public parking lot at the beginning of Darband. You can park your car and start hiking on the track.

darband tehran - HotelOneClick

Further information about Darband:

  • Darband Address: Darband neighborhood, district one of the urban area.
  • Distance from Parsian Esteghlal Hotel to Darband: 5.6 km. 15 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.
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2. Zaferaniyeh Observatory

The Zaferaniyeh Observatory and Astronomy is the first center for amateur astronomy education in Iran for children and adolescents. Founded in Zaferaniyeh Garden, the center started operating in 1989.

The Zaferaniyeh Observatory has already raised a large number of amateur astronomy enthusiasts. The continuity of the center's activities with all its ups and downs has made an outstanding success. Most of the center's active astronomy centers have benefited from the direct training of the center. Many of the astronomy books and materials from Iran have also been considered at the center.

Some astronomical centers have been built by students of this center in different parts of Iran.

Zaferaniyeh Observatory

The most prominent activities of the center include the first Iranian-made planetarium, the first telescopes made in Iran, the publication of the first astronomical calendar, the first astronomical photo exhibition, holding ceremonies in the astronomy day, and the space day.

The center has been able to provide spectacular and sweet times for about 1.5 to 3 hours by providing demos with audiovisual facilities and telescope observation along with necessary expert explanations. Observing sunspots during the day and observing the moon and planets at night are some of the most exciting parts of the program.

Further information about Zaferaniyeh Observatory:

  • Address: Zaferaniyeh park, Fallahi St., Valiasr Ave.
  • The distance from Tehran Parsian Esteghlal Hotel to Zaferaniyeh Observatory: 2.9 km. 9 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.

3. Bame Tehran

Bame Tehran is one of the fascinating sights of Tehran that many people come to visit it every day. With its clear, mountainous climate, it can be a good option to get away from the bustle of the city, especially in the middle of the week, to spend hours relaxing in the beautiful scenery of it.

In recent years, and especially in 2015, great amenities have been added to the roof (Bam) of Tehran for the well-being of tourists. These include new restaurants, a zip line, a rooftop sled, electric midibuses to traverse the lower part of the roof to its upper parts.

bame tehran , one of recreational places near Parsian esteghlal hotel in Tehran- HotelOneClick

Access to Bame Tehran

If you have a personal car, you will need to go to Velenjak Street from Chamran highway and then go to Bame Tehran.

there is parking for cars and motorcycles.

If you intend to use public transport, you can take the fourth line of Tehran BRT bus or taxis that cross the Chamran highway, reach the Tabnak station (Velenjak gas station) and take a taxi to the Bam of Tehran, or use Tajrish- Bame Tehran taxis. If you want to get fully acquainted with Bame Tehran, you can refer to the article "Getting to know Bame Tehran " which is one of the articles on "Tourist Attractions in Tehran".

Further information about Tochal:

  • Address: Bame Tehran is located between the end of Velenjak Street to the beginning of Tochal Telecabin.
  • Distance from Tehran Esteghlal Hotel to Bame Tehran: 5.2 km. 15 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.

4. Tochal Complex

The sunshine on the snow creates a beautiful glow. Everything is different in 3850 meters above sea level. There is only a mountain and snow there and someone who has tried to create recreational and sports opportunities for people to have a day full of joy and happiness.

The southern slope of Alborz, known as the Tochal Mountains, is the main gathering place for Tehran climbers and athletes. The most popular and crowded shelters from east to west are Kolakchal, Shervin, Shirpal, Tochal, Speed shelter belt, and Palang Chal, all of which overlook Tehran.

The summit is next to a lake, which is why it is called Tochal. Tochal means a small lake. The beginning of the Tochal is the end of Velenjak Street. Many Tehran residents know it by the name "BameTehran".

tochal mountain in Tehran- HotelOneClick

Access to Tochal

To get to Tochal, you first have to get to Tajrish Square. Of course, it is possible to reach Tajrish by any vehicle, but if you wake up early you will not get stuck in traffic.

Take the taxi from Tajrish to Bame Tehran. You will reach the beginning of the Tochal in less than 7 to 10 minutes. If you are traveling to Tochal with a private car, don't worry since there is a large parking lot there. From the parking lot to the telecabin station, the asphalt road is about two kilometers long.

In recent years, great amenities have been added to the roof (Bam) of Tehran for the well-being of tourists. These include new restaurants, a zip line, a rooftop sled, electric midibuses to traverse the lower part of the roof to its upper parts.

If you have come to the Tochal for hiking, it is best to walk from the main entrance of the complex, and if you have come to the Tochal for recreation or you don't feel like walking uphill, there are buses that take you to the main entrance.

tochal , one of recreational places near Parsian Esteghlal  hotel - HotelOneClick

If you don't have any equipment, ski tools are rented at the first station. You can rent a full alpine ski set including shoes, batons and ski sticks, and a snowboard set including shoes and snowboards. Of course, you will be asked for a valid ID card, although the skier must have his or her own clothing, gloves, and helmets, as they are not available for rent.

Other features include archery, paintball, tennis courts and 40-meter bungee jumping at the first station. 

If you also intend to stay at Tochal Hotel, you must fill out the special form at the first station and give your ID card and pay for it.

Tochal has three lines of telecabin, three chairlift lines, and one ski lift line. The total length of the main telecabin lines is about 7500 meters, which is one of the longest continuous telecabin lines in the world. The capacity of the telecabin is 600 people per hour.

If you want to get fully acquainted with Tochal, you can refer to the article "Getting to know the Tochal" which is one of the articles "Tourist Attractions in Tehran".

Further information about Tochal:

  • Address: BameTehran, End of Velenjak Street, Yaman Street, Shahid Chamran Highway. 
  • Distance from Esteghlal Hotel to Tochal: 6.1 km. 17 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.
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5. Koroush Shopping Center

Koroush Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping malls in the capital, located on a 9500-square-meter land on Payambar Markazi Street. The complex has modern architecture and equipment, which has made it more and more popular.

The first floor is the main corridor and terrarium, the second floor of the Koroush is the food court and playground, the third floor: cinema ticket-office, children playhouse and fast food, the fourth floor of is for 1st-6th salons of Koroush Cinema & Restaurant, on the 5th floor: administrative, commercial and cultural units, VIP lounge, coffee shop and fast food and on the 6th floor of Koroush Cinema the 7th-12th salons of cinema, cinema buffet & Restaurant.

The shops sell a variety of products such as home appliances, men's and women's clothing, toys, baby layette, perfumes, cosmetics, gold, jewelry, and kitchenware. 

Koroush Shopping Center - HotelOneClick

The Koroush Cinema Campus, which is said to be the largest cinema campus in the country, is also housed in the complex, comprising 12 cinemas with a capacity of 2800 people.

Access to the Koroush Shopping Center

If you intend to go there in your car, you can reach Shahid Sattari Highway through the highways of Hakim, Hemmat, Abshenasan, Shahid Lashkari or Sheikh Fazlollah on the and get to Payambar Markazi Street and Koroush Complex.

There is no public transport access to the Koroush Complex except for taxis that cross the Sattari Highway. You can get to Koroush Complex by Azadi - Janatabad taxis at Shahid Nazari taxi terminal in Azadi Square or Tajrish- Ekbatan taxis in Tajrish Square. The subway station of the commercial complex is under construction and will be operational in the coming years.

Koroush Shopping Center ,  best places near parsian esteghlal hotel - HotelOneClick

Further information about Koroush Shopping Center:

  • Address: No. 57, Payambar Markazi St. Shahid Sattari Highway
  • Distance from Parsian Esteghlal Hotel to Koroush Shopping Center: 15.3 km. 17 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.

6. Bird Garden

One of the tourist attractions of Tehran, Tehran Bird Gardens with an area of 23 hectares, is located in the northeast of Tehran on Koohestan street.

The garden was officially opened in May of 2013 and currently there are 57 bird species such as pigeons, parrots, ducks, white swan, goose, finch, owl, hawk, eagles, peacocks and more. The interesting thing about this garden is that most of the birds in this complex are kept outdoors.

The bird garden has a very neat and organized environment and all of its space is flowered.

Tehran Bird Garden is located in the northeast of Tehran in the heart of the Lavizan forest. Tehran Bird Garden is designed in two phases. The first phase, which is now launched, has been named "Dashtchar" and includes birds that are kept in cages or unable to fly. The second phase, which is smaller than the first phase, is under construction in the northern area and is known as the "Abchar". This phase includes birds that are capable of flying and will probably be prevented by a net similar to the Isfahan Bird Garden. It took 3 years to build this garden.

Bird Garden in Tehran- HotelOneClick

The first phase of the bird garden, which opened in May 2013 was put into operation. At the entrance to the garden area, the first thing to notice is the speaking parrots that say welcome to you.

Birds such as pigeons, parrots, crows, finches, roosters. . .. are in this area. The bird garden in Tehran has a large area and because of the winding path design, it has a long path. Given that the entrance to the garden is at its highest part, everything is almost visible from the top. In the northernmost part of the bird garden, its largest cage catches the attention which is some species of eagles on huge but branchless trees.

Some species of vultures are also found in this cage, species of owls and hawks are also housed in small cages. In the middle of the garden, there are birds such as pheasants, peacocks, pelicans, flamingos, and others.

The area is surrounded by waterfalls and large ponds. Both sides of the ponds are connected by wooden beautiful bridges. In the southern part of the garden, there are birds like ducks, black and white swans, and goose.

bird garden , one of the best places near parsian esteghlal hotel Tehran- HotelOneClick

Beautiful bird garden design

One of the features of Tehran Bird Garden is its unique design. The bird garden area is paved paths surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers.

Canopies of wood, straw and wooden benches with varied designs, wooden pavilions, lack of electric beams or extra installations, wooden guide boards with Nastaliq handwritten on it, small and beautiful waterfalls and clever design of ponds and wooden bridges are the main features of this garden.

The Tehran Bird Garden is open daily to the enthusiasts from 9 am to 6 pm and it has a parking lot. There are free vans that take you from the parking to the garden.

Beautiful bird garden design Tehran- HotelOneClick

Access to the Bird Garden

If you have traveled to Tehran in your own car or are Tehranis who have never visited the bird garden, you can reach there through one of these two addresses.

There is no metro station near the bird garden, but you can access this complex from line 2 (Sadeghiyeh-Farhangsara) last stations.

You can get off at the stations of Daneshgahe Elmo Sana'at or Shahid Bagheri University and then go there by taxi. From the Daneshgahe Elmo Sana'at Station, you can take a taxi to the Seraj street, get off at the end of the street and head to Koohestan Street and walk the rest of the way, of course, it is a bit far.

Further information about Bird Garde:

  • Address: Koohestan Ave., 35 metri Esteghlal Street, Hengam Street,
  • Distance from Tehran Parsian Esteghlal Hotel to Tehran Bird Garden: 17.1 km. 21 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.

7. Chitgar Park

Chitgar Forest Park, about 950 hectares, is located in the western part of Tehran. The park is one of the largest forest gardens in Tehran province and its purpose was to increase the amount of oxygen in Tehran. This forest park offers hiking, horse riding, skating, cycling with special cycling routes.

Chitgar bike tracks in the country include speed, endurance, and mountain tracks. It is worth mentioning that the endurance track runs through the park and has a very lush path. Due to the pine and cedar trees in this path, the weather is relatively cooler than the other places. The length of the endurance track is about 7-8 km.

Chitgar Park , one of the best places near parsian esteghlal  hotel Tehran- HotelOneClick

The western part of the park remains pristine and wooded, and most of the recreational facilities are built in the eastern part of the park.

The minimum height of Chitgar Park is 1313 meters above sea level. About 734 hectares of the park is covered with trees, about 53% of which are coniferous species such as pinus eldarica, silver cedar, and Platycladus, and about 47% of trees are acacia, European ash, Umbraculifera, Judas-tree, Celtis australis, and Oak are dedicated. Adjacent to this forest park is the Lake Chitgar.

One of the attractions of this park is Chitgar Lake, which is of interest to Tehran residents. Many people go to this beautiful lake to spend their leisure time.

There is also the possibility of playing with water there. Chitgar Lake, with an area of about 140 hectares, is the largest artificial lake in the country. Also next to the beautiful Chitgar Lake, the Parvaz Cinema (six-dimensional cinema at a height of 2 meters above the ground) called "Thrilling Pyramid", the Iranian tube riding piste (flying slide in the sky) and the Safari Park are available for the entertainment of teens and families.

Chitgar Park tehran

Access to Chitgar Park

The easiest way to get to Chitgar Park is through the Tehran Freeway, which passes through exit 2 and Park Management. There are other ways to get to Chitgar Park:

  • Entrance number one: Koohak Boulevard (Chitgar Metro Station)
  • Entrance number 3 and 4: Dastvareh boulevard, next to Gas station
  • Entrance number 5: Azadshahr (Western Phase)

As we said, the metro access to the park passes through line five of Tehran-Karaj metro. If you don't get on the fast train, you can get to the park by getting off at the Iran Khodro or Chitgar stations.

The eastern part of the park is opposite Chitgar Station No. 1 and the western part is opposite No. 5 and No. 7 of Iran Khodro station.

Further information about Chitgar Park:

  • Address: The exit to the Persian Gulf Lake, Shahid Kharrazi, West Hemmat.
  • Distance from Parsian Esteghlal Hotel to Chitgar Park: 30.7 km. 30 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.

Everything you need to know about "Chitgar Park"

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8. Tehran Suspension Bridge

Tehran Suspension Bridge is one of the best options for tourism. You stand at a height of 65 meters somewhere between the ground and the sky. The 285-meter-long bridge connects the Nahj al-Balagheh Garden to the Pardisan Garden and up to 300 people can stand and walk on it at a time.

The Aseman Suspension Bridge is 65 meters high from the bottom of the river, and 12 galvanized cables with the diameter of 43 mm are used to keep the main bridge fixed.

The red flooring, like the red carpet, invites visitors to see the bridge. A few steps further you will see Shahid Hemmat Highway in the north and Shahid Hakim Highway in the south, all the equipment used in the construction of the bridge is from domestic production. 

You can experience thrilling amenities like 4D cinema and park thrilling safari. If you are a sportsman, you can use the pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

Tehran Suspension Bridge

Access to Tehran Suspension Bridge

The best way to access the suspension bridge is to use a personal car. You should take Shahid Hakim highway to the west and after Pardisan Park, use the phase two exit of Nahj al-Balagheh. Here you can park your car in the Nahjol Balagheh parking lot and easily go to phase two and phase 1 of Nahjol Balagheh Park, Suspension Bridge, and Pardisan Park.

Further information about Tehran Suspension Bridge:

  • Address: Aseman Suspension Bridge, Second Phase of Nahj al-Balagheh Garden, after Pardisan Park, Shahid Hakim West Highway.
  • Distance from Parsian Esteghlal Hotel to Tehran Suspension Bridge: 13.9 km. 18 minutes by car in non-traffic hours.

Conclusions to the guide on Best recreational areas close to Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

Tehran is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world and has many sights. In this article, we have introduced 8 top tourist destinations near Tehran Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

If you've also visited these places on your previous trips, share your memories with us.

If you have questions about any of these or other tourist spots in Tehran, please write in the comments section and wait for our consultants' response.


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