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what is the difference twin room and double room?

There are two single beds with separate headboards in a twin room that is suitable for two men or two women but in a double room there is a big bed for two mostly for couples.

what is the difference between full board and half board accommodation?

In a half board accommodation, breakfast and one other main meals (lunch or dinner) is free for the guest. in full board accommodation lunch and dinner is free and the guests not pay any extra costs.

what is the process of reservation request?

First of all, see the profile of your favorite hotel and choose the check-in and check-out time of the guest and then click on the item "see". After selecting the type of room decide on the number of the rooms you need as well, then click on the item "reserve this hotel and go to next stage".

please notice that your reservation hasn't completed yet. In the new page add the information of the one who reserves. You don’t need to register in the website in advance to complete this stage. If you haven’t registered in the website before, after adding your email address, an email will be sent to you including a password and the submission of the reservation and you can use your own account for future reservation. Having completed all the information of the reserver, the registration of the passenger or the passengers, checking the early check-in or late check-out items (see the terminology part to know more about these terms) and choosing the item “all the costs” (this item is special for credit customers of Hoteloneclick. For more information, see the terminology part of the website.) check the item “I accept the rules” and click on “verify and submit the information”. At this time, out staff will be aware of your reservation request but notice that your reservation has not been confirmed yet.

How should I be aware that my reservation is confirmed?

In this part a new page opens and shows 10 minutes countdown till you receive the answer of your request and if your request is confirmed, you will be connected to the bank and you have 45 minutes to pay. If the set time passes, your reservation will be suspended and inactive automatically.

The page that counts down is shut for me, how can I be aware of my reservation status?

If you have shut the countdown page, you can go to the part “my account” and see your former transactions and reservations. Every reservation has a 10 digit tracking code by which you can follow up your reservation in the “follow up the reservation” part on the menu of the top of the page.

Why my reservation is not confirmed?

There can be plenty of reasons such as not having empty room, unavailability of hotel reservation (it is more probable outside of office hours) and restoration of the hotel and etc.

Which hotels have free breakfast?

In the profile of the hotels that have free breakfast, there is a green tick in front of every room for “free breakfast”. Nearly all four and five-star hotel in big cities serve free breakfast.

Is it possible to have free breakfast in the first day of staying in the hotel?

Since the check-in time is at 2 PM and the breakfast time is usually from 7 to 11 in the morning, you cannot have breakfast in the first day of your accommodation.

Is it possible to have free lunch in the first day of staying in the hotel?

Since the check-in time is at 2 PM and the lunch time is usually from 12:30 to 3:30 PM, you can have your lunch in the first day but if you are staying only for one night and you have lunch in the check-in day, you cannot have free lunch the day after that. You can only have one free lunch or dinner in one night of accommodation. If you want to stay for two nights, you can have free lunch twice and it is up to you to have one of them in the check-in day or check-out day.

Will any extra costs like VAT be added to the bill after choosing the hotel room?

The rooms that are reserved in hoteloneclick website will not have any extra costs (reservation fee, VAT and other charges) and the price set for your room will be the price of your final bill.

Can I make some changes after reserving the room?

There is no possibility to make changes after reservation at the time but if you are willing to make some changes to your reservation, contact our site support team before making any payment and inform them of any kind of change.

In what time during the day and night reservation is possible?

We have 24-hour reservation, even in holidays. Our members are available from 7 in the morning till 11 at night, ready to support you and answer all your questions.

How long does it take from the time of making reservation to its confirmation?

If you make a reservation from 7 in the morning to 11 at night, its confirmation takes at most 10 minutes. If the reservation of your favorite hotel is not available, (which is more probable outside the office hours), a message will be sent to you and inform you that your reservation hasn’t been confirmed yet and the day after that, at 7 AM, it will be active again and actions will be taken.

How can I be aware of the reservation process?

Messages and emails will be sent to you in all the stages of reservation to inform you of the process of reservation, confirming or not and also an email will be sent to you about the payment of the charges.


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