Tehran attractions for tourist

Saint Sarkis Cathedral in Tehran

Saint Sarkis Cathedral is a religious place with a special mood and impressive decorations known as the largest church in Tehran
Saint Sarkis Cathedral Tehran

Best parks near Tehran Azadi Hotel

Where are the best parks and gardens near Espinas Persian Gulf hotel in Tehran? We introduce Saei park, Laleh park, Artists park and more.
Best parks near Parsian Azadi Hotel

Tehran Book Garden

Tehran Book Garden is the largest bookstore and collection of the best and most diverse scientific, cultural and recreational tourism facilities in Iran. Includes sections: the Children's Science Garden, a bookstore, several cinemas and a food court.
Book Garden in Tehran

Chitgar Lake in Tehran

Chitgar Lake Tehran One of the most exciting attractions of northwest Tehran. Complex of entertainment - commerce including luxury restaurants, amusement parks, clothing stores, cycling track and green space
Chitgar Lake in Tehran

Jamshidieh Park in Tehran

Jamshidieh Park is one of the famous parks of Tehran which is about 10 hectares north of this city. This garden is to the north with Mount kolakchal and to the south with a garden called Davallu.
Tehran Jamshidieh Park  - HotelOneClick

Tehran Mellat Park

Mellat Garden is one of the most spectacular and beautiful gardens in Tehran and is one of the largest with 34 hectares. The Mellat Garden is composed of many beautiful parts, the Mellat Gallery Campus, the Artificial Lake, statues of the celebrities of Iran, a small zoo, the lush greenery and old towering trees that attract everyone.
Mellat Park for Tehran tourists